Closely-related viruses of the marine picoeukaryotic alga, Ostreococcus lucimarinus, exhibit different ecological strategies

Zimmerman, A.E., C. Bachy, X. Ma, S. Roux, H. Jang, M.B. Sullivan, J.R. Waldbauer, A.Z. Worden

2019Environmental MicrobiologyIn revision

Resource allocation by the marine cyanobacterium Synechococcus WH8102 in response to different nutrient supply ratios

Mouginot C., A.E. Zimmerman, J.A. Bonachela, H. Fredricks, S.D. Allison, B.A.S. Van Mooy, A.C. Martiny

2015Limnology and Oceanographydoi:10.1002/lno.10123

Rethinking the marine carbon cycle: Factoring in the multifarious lifestyles of microbes

Worden, A.Z., M.J. Follows, S.J. Giovannoni, S. Wilken, A.E. Zimmerman, and P.J. Keeling


Phylogenetic constraints on elemental stoichiometry and resource allocation in heterotrophic marine bacteria.

Zimmerman, A.E., S.D. Allison, and A.C. Martiny.

2014Environmental Microbiologydoi:10.1111/1462-2920.12329

Phosphate supply explains variation in nucleic acid allocation but not C:P stoichiometry in the western North Atlantic

Zimmerman, A.E., A.C. Martiny, M.W. Lomas and S.D. Allison


Microdiversity of extracellular enzyme genes among sequenced prokaryotic genomes

Zimmerman, A.E., A.C. Martiny, and S.D. Allison

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Influence of microbially reducible Fe(III) on the bacterial community structure of estuarine surface sediments

Cummings, D.E., A.E. Zimmerman, K.R. Unruh, and S. Spring

2010Geomicrobiology Journaldoi:10.1080/01490450903410456

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