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Manuscript submitted!

The first part of Amy’s postdoctoral work with Alex Worden at MBARI has been submitted for publication: “Closely-related viruses of the marine picoeukaryotic alga, Ostreococcus lucimarinus, exhibit different ecological strategies.”


Poster at the Small World Initiative’s 5th Annual Symposium, Madison, WI

Rachna presented her independent research project “From microbes to medicine: Isolation and identification of antibiotic producing soil bacteria from Chicago.” R. Tripathi & A.E. Zimmerman

Congratulations to Rachna for winning the 1st place student poster award at the 2018 SWI symposium!


New position!

Amy joined the Waldbauer Lab at the University of Chicago as a Research Scientist to contribute to projects that apply quantitative proteomics to address questions in marine microbial ecology and evolution.


Roosevelt University Undergraduate Math and Science Symposium, Chicago, IL

Thank you for a successful symposium showcasing our students’ research projects! Special recognition goes to co-organizer Dr. Onajole, and our keynote speaker, Mr. Tom Seiple.

Congratulations to Melissa and Sonia for great research presentations!
Melissa presented her work on “Investigative metagenomics of the Chicago urban microbiome.” Barragan, M., V. & A.E. Zimmerman.
Sonia presented her work on “Molecular assessment of virus-host interactions in marine eukaryotic picophytoplankton.” Gonzalez, S. & A.E. Zimmerman


Ocean Sciences Meeting (AGU/ALSO), Portland, OR

Amy presented a poster “Prasinoviruses infecting Ostreococcus lucimarinus show different sensitivities to irradiance and phosphate stress.” Zimmerman, A.E., & A.Z. Worden.

Amy also co-organized a session with M.L. Coleman, M.B. Sullivan, & A. Buchan: “Virus-host interactions and their biogeochemical impacts.”


Max Goldenberg Foundation Grant awarded!

Amy received a grant for improvement of instrumentation to enhance undergraduate research and education for chemistry, biochemistry, and biology majors at Roosevelt University.


Poster at the Annual Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science National Conference, Salt Lake City, UT

Sonia presented “Molecular assessment of virus-host interactions in marine eukaryotic picophytoplankton.” Gonzalez, S. & A.E. Zimmerman


Louis Stokes Midwest Center of Excellence (LSMCE) Annual STEM Conference, Indianapolis, IN

Amy participated in the LSMCE Partner Meeting and judged several outstanding student research posters.


Small World Initiative (SWI) Program

Amy was selected as a Partner Instructor for the Small World Initiative (now Tiny Earth) to crowdsource discovery of novel antibiotics and improve training for undergraduate students through authentic research.


Invited presentation at the 11th International Phycological Congress, Szczecin, Poland

Amy presented “Fine-scale phytoplankton diversity and seasonal dynamics in the Sargasso Sea revealed by a decade of high resolution sampling.” Zimmerman, A.E., & A.Z. Worden.


Roosevelt University Summer Research Grant awarded!

Amy received a summer research grant to complete a pilot study investigating the Chicago urban microbiome through metagenomics.


Poster at the Roosevelt University Undergraduate Math and Science Symposium, Chicago, IL

Melissa presented her and Vildana's work on “Development and application of molecular tools to interrogate algal virus-host interactions.” Barragan, M., V. Golubovic, & A.E. Zimmerman.


ASM-LINK Undergraduate Faculty Research Initiative Fellowship awarded!

Amy was selected to participate in the ASM-LINK UFRI training program at 2017 ASM Microbe in New Orleans, LA.


New position!

Amy joined the faculty of the Department of Biological, Chemical, and Physical Sciences at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

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